Wireless Projects

The Omega has pretty extensive networking capabilities, both wireless and wired when used with an Ethernet Expansion. On the wireless side, the Omega can join existing WiFi networks as well as create and host its own WiFi network access point. In fact, it can even do both simultaneously. This opens the door to some novel scenarios especially since network connectivity can be forwarded between the Omega’s network and the existing network to which it is connected. When used with the Ethernet Expansion, the Omega can join wired networks or share connectivity to the wireless network to which it is connected. And finally, since the Omega runs Linux, there are many, many useful tools available which can be used in creative ways, as you’ll see in the upcoming projects.

wifi scanner outside


A highlight of some of the concepts that will be covered in these projects:

  • Using the GPS Expansion to get precise location data
  • Using the ubus utility
  • Modifying existing software and compiling it on the device
  • Booting the Omega’s OS from an SD Card (external storage)
  • Sharing files on the local wireless network
  • Network configuration for operation as a router
  • Network configuration for operation as a WiFi range extender
  • Network configuration for operation as a WiFi ethernet bridge


Projects that turn your Omega into a wireless networking tool:

  1. Mobile WiFi Network Scanner
    • Collect and display the GPS location, signal strength, and more of WiFi networks in your surrounding area. Take your scanner on the go!
  2. OctoPrint 3D Printing Server
    • Run the OctoPrint 3D Printing server on your Omega and add wireless connectivity to your 3D printer
  3. Mobile Network File Server
    • Share files from a USB device on a WiFi network. Can take this on the road and provide access to data on the go!
  4. Omega as a WiFi Router
    • Setup your Omega to act just like a WiFi router
  5. Omega as a WiFi Range Extender
    • Is your WiFi network spotty if you get too far from your router? Setup your Omega to act as a range extender for your WiFi network
  6. Omega as an WiFi Ethernet Bridge
    • Use your Omega to connect a computer