Known Firmware Issues

This page lists all of the currently identified issues in the Omega OS. The issues are separated into general firmware issues and Console firmware issues.

Issue Listing

  • Cannot flash Arduino Dock if arduino-dock-2 is installed when the OpenWRT package repos are active
    • Root Cause:
      • The OpenWRT repo has avrdude version 6.3, which has a bug that prevents access to GPIOs, so the microcontroller cannot be flashed
    • Resolution:
      • The Onion repos have avrdude version 6.1 which works
      • Option 1: Install arduino-dock-2 before enabling the OpenWRT package repos
      • Option 2: If already installed:
        • Run opkg remove avrdude
        • Deactivate the OpenWRT package repos by commenting them out in /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf (essentially follow these instructions in reverse)
        • Run opkg update
        • Install again but from the Onion repo: opkg install avrdude
          • If this doesn’t work, reboot your device and try again
  • The Omega cannot successfully connect to the Onion Cloud
  • The reset button does not work
    • Status: Fixed in b146
  • Omega2+ cannot reboot
    • Status: Fixed in b142
  • Omega2+ cannot mount MicroSD cards
    • Status: Fixed in b143
  • Cannot successfully register a 1-Wire master in the filesystem
    • Status: Fixed in b151
  • The fast-gpio program always crashes
    • Root Cause: the firmware does not expose the /dev/mem device which allows access to the memory map
    • Status: Fixed in b160
  • WiFi Issues
    • No support for enterprise WiFi that requires a username and password
      • Status: not currently supported with Onion WiFi Warp Core driver
    • No automatic support for TKIP-encrypted WiFi networks
      • See this post on the Onion Community for an interim, manual fix
      • Status: Fixed in firmware v0.2.0 and up with release of Onion WiFi Warp Core driver. See related blog post for more details.
    • No automatic support for WiFi channels 13 and 14
      • Status: Fixed in firmware v0.2.0 and up with release of Onion WiFi Warp Core driver (see related blog post for more details).
        • To enable channels 13 and 14, open /etc/config/wireless, change the country option to your country (assuming it supports channels 13 and 14), and restart the WiFi interface by running wifi

Console Issue Listing

  • Cannot change the account password in the Settings app
  • Cannot disable the WiFi AP
  • The OLED App doesn’t properly save image files to the Omega