Your Omega’s Name

Each Omega has a name that is used to identify it and also is the default name of the Omega’s AP, this article will show you how to find your own Omega’s name.

The name is based on the MAC address of the Omega’s wireless radio; each device has a completely unique MAC address.

There’s a sticker on the Omega’s shielding: Omega2+

The text printed here is the Omega’s unique MAC address, we’re interested in the last four digits that are in bold.

Your Omega’s name will be in the form of Omega-ABCD where ABCD are the last four digits from the sticker.

MAC addresses are expressed in hex digits, so it’s conceivable that your Omega’s MAC address will have the a, b, c, d, e, or f characters in it’s name.

So the Omega from the picture above is named Omega-5931, by default it’s AP WiFi network will be named Omega-5931 and it’s hostname on the local network will be omega-5931.local.

Note that WiFi network names are case-sensitive while the local network hostnames are not!