Onion Omega2S & Omega2S+

The Omega2S is a smaller, surface-mount packaged version of the through-hole Omega2, designed for IoT applications that require drop-in connectivity and computing.

The 34mm x 20mm x 2.8mm package is based on the MT7688 SoC and features a CPU, memory, flash storage, and a WiFi radio. It supports a wide variety of I/O protocols, with 42-pins available to the developer. The module is self-contained and only requires a power supply and an external WiFi antenna to operate. The pre-loaded Linux Operating System reduces development time by allowing the use of existing software package and high-level programming languages. This module is precertified for FCC and CE, further reducing time to market in the fast-moving world of IoT.



The Omega2S comes in two variants: the Omega2S and Omega2S+

Omega2S Omega2S+
Processor 580MHz MIPS CPU 580MHz MIPS CPU
Memory 64MB Memory 128MB Memory
Storage 16MB Storage 32MB Storage
WiFi adapter b/g/n Wi-Fi b/g/n Wi-Fi
USB 2.0 1 1
SD/eMMC 1 1
Ethernet 1 1
GPIOs 37 37
PWM 4 4
UART 3 3
I2C 1 1
SPI 1 1
I2S 1 1

The Pins

Take a look at the Using the GPIOs article to learn more about the Omega’s GPIOs, multiplexing GPIO functionality, and the behaviour and requirements of the Omega’s special GPIOs.

omega2s pinout

Datasheet & Other Resources

Find the Omega2S datasheet and all of the available documents for download here: https://onion.io/omega2s/#documents

Differences from Omega2

The Onion Omega2S is the surface-mount packaged version of the Omega2, designed specifically for high volume production due to its low profile, extended feature-set, and production friendly design.

The specific differences from the Omega2 are as follows:

  • Surface-mount module form-factor
  • Low profile, measuring 34x20x2.8 mm
  • 63 total pins compared to 32 pins on Omega2
  • Pins for SD/eMMC are available on the pinout - no MicroSD slot
  • Features 3 UARTs, compared to 2 on the Omega2
  • Features 4 PWM channels, compared to 2 on the Omega2
  • Exposes SPI Chip-Select 0 (CS0) pin
  • No on-board antenna - features Antenna signal pin and U.FL connector
  • No on-board system status LED - features system status pin for connection to external LED
  • Does not have built-in pull-up resistors on I2C bus - requires external pull-up resistors

Development Kit

The Omega2S Development Kit includes everything you need to fully evaluate the functionality of the Omega2S Module and begin the development of your IoT product.

  • Easy insertion socket for the Omega2S Module
  • USB, Micro-USB, Ethernet Connectors
  • Connectors Pins for all Input/Output Signals
  • Dual Reset Functions

o2s dev kit

Two versions are available:

SD Card Slot Version
eMMC Storage Version
Micro SD Card Slot
8 GB Micro SD Card
Built-in 8GB eMMC
Two (2) Omega2S modules Two (2) Omega2S modules
Two (2) Omega2S+ modules Two (2) Omega2S+ modules
2 dBi uFL Tape Antenna 2 dBi uFL Tape Antenna
Micro USB Cable Micro USB Cable
Ethernet Cable Ethernet Cable

Ordering Information

To get information on ordering or evaluating the Omega2S, visit: https://onion.io/omega2s/


The datasheet for the MT7688 SoC used on the Omega2S can be found here: Mediatek MT7688 Datasheet

The Omega2S datasheet can be found here: Omega2S Datasheet

The full Omega2S technical document package can be downloaded as well: Omega2S Technical Document Package