PWM Expansion Tutorials

Let’s take some time to learn about using the Servo (PWM) Expansion!

pwm expansion

Connecting the PWM Expansion to your Omega

The PWM Expansion is plug and play! Line up the pins with the Expansion Header on the Expansion Dock, plug it in, and push it down. Your Omega can remain powered on.



The Experiments

We’ll cover three common use cases of the PWM Expansion. We recommend doing the tutorials in order since they build on each other:

  1. Dimming LEDs
    • Learn about Pulse Width Modulation and controlling LEDs
  2. Controlling Servos
    • Use the PWM Expansion to control Servos and pick up some Python skills along the way
  3. Run a DC Motor with an H-Bridge
    • We’ll get really creative and use the PWM Expansion to control an H-Bridge chip which will in turn drive a DC motor