Factory Reset

Just in case some important system files or configurations get deleted or overwritten, the Omega can be restored to a factory state. Performing a Factory Restore on your Omega will revert all files to the default for the currently installed firmware, all other files will be deleted.

So a factory restore will not revert to the firmware that was actually installed at the factory, it will essentially create a clean slate on our Omega’s currently installed firmware.

Make sure that you understand that a factory restore is a destructive action and that all user files should be backed up before performing a factory restore!

Using a Command

To perform a factory restore on the command line, run the following commands:

firstboot -y

These commands will:

  • Revert the firmware to a clean slate
  • Ensure all storage opeartions are complete
  • Reboot the Omega for the changes to take effect

It will work the same no matter how you have connected to the Omega’s command line, whether it was by SSH, via Serial, or using the Terminal App on the Console.

With the Reset button

When connected to a Dock with a Reset button, pressing and holding the reset button for about 10 seconds will trigger a factory reset and then automatically reboot you Omega.

This can only be done on Docks that have Reset Buttons:

  • Expansion Dock
  • Power Dock
  • Mini Dock
  • Arduino Dock 2