Using the Ethernet Expansion

The Ethernet Expansion is a piece of hardware that adds a standard RJ45 ethernet port to your Omega, allowing for quick and easy Ethernet connections with other devices. With this Expansion, you can easily use your Omega as a router, an Ethernet bridge, and more.

You can learn more about the technical specifications of the Ethernet Expansion in our Ethernet Expansion hardware overview

Learn More about the Omega’s Ethernet Port

See the documentation article on the Omega’s ethernet port and its modes of operation to learn more.

Going Further with the Ethernet Expansion

If you don’t have a router and need to supply a wireless network and internet connectivity to devices, the Ethernet Expansion can transform the Omega into a very effective router. For more on that you can read our tutorial on transforming your Omega into a router

You can use the Ethernet Expansion and the Omega to provide a wired connection to a laptop or a computer. This is known as an Ethernet Bridge, and you can learn more about it in our tutorial on creating an Ethernet Bridge using the Omega