The Console

The Onion Console is a web-based, virtual desktop that gives you access to a number of apps that allow you to interact with your Omega in a more visual way than the command-line.

These apps can be used to configure and control your Omega and use various Expansions through your browser. All of this is conveniently hosted on your Omega and can be accessed by visiting your Omega’s webpage located at http://Omega-ABCD.local/.

You’ll need to be on the same network as your Omega in order to access the console.


This guide to the Console will go over:

  • How to install the Console on your Omega
  • How to access the Console from your Browser
  • Managing your WiFi network connections
  • Adjusting the Omega’s AP WiFi network
  • Updating your Omega
  • Installing additional Console apps
  • Developing on the Console

Let’s get started!