Proto Expansion

The Proto Expansion allows you to create your very own expansion that interafces with your Omega. It provides a small soldering area and 30-pin header that plugs into the Onion Dock that has Expansion Header.

The Hardware

The Proto Expansion has 30-pin header with a 0.1" pitch that are located next to the Expansion Header allowing you to solder any component to the available terminals. Along with the header terminals, it has a soldering area of 185 pins that allow you to create and customize your own Omega-friendly expansion.


Connecting to a Dock

To use the Proto Expansion, plug it into a Dock that has Expansion header pins (Expansion Dock, Power Dock, Arduino Dock R2).

You can safely stack other Expansions on top of it. However, be mindful of wires that are connected to the header pins underneath.

You can have as many Proto Expansions stacked on top of each other as needed




Solder-Friendly Header

The 2 rows of pins above the Expansion Header are connected relatively, allowing you to solder any terminals to the corresponding Omega Inputs. The pinout diagram below show the Expansion Header’s connections:


Using the Expansion

The soldering pins are located within 0.1" pinch which allows you to solder almost any component (e.g. Temperature/Humidity Sensors, Joystics, Screens, etc.) since almost every electronic components are loaded withing a given pitch. Certain porjects require customized circuits with certain parts and Proto Expansion will give you this oportunity.